Alan Percy

University of Alabama at
Birmingham, Birmingham,
Alabama, USA

Alan Percy, MD is a pediatric neurologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL, USA. Following medical school at Stanford University in Stanford, California, he trained in Pediatrics there and in Child Neurology at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1983, he along with Dr. Mary Coleman in Washington, DC and Dr. Vanja Holm in Seattle, Washington were the first physicians to recognize Rett syndrome (RTT) in the United States. In 1984, Dr. Hugo Moser, Dr. Holm, and Dr. Percy attended the RTT conference in Vienna organized by Dr. Andreas Rett. Thereafter, Dr. Percy actively pursued clinical and laboratory studies in RTT, establishing centers at Baylor College of Medicine and later at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he is the principal investigator of the Rett syndrome and Rett-related disorders Rare Disease Clinical Research Consortium. The Civitan International Research Center (CIRC) is the base of operations for Rett syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and other studies related to this group of rare disorders. This Natural History Study of RTT now includes more than 1700 participants. Since 1983, he has authored more than 180 scientific papers, chapters, and reviews on RTT. He remains committed to finding meaningful approaches to effective treatment for this unique neurodevelopmental disorder.