7th ICNA Congress (October 2–8, 1994, San Francisco)

  • Event: 7th ICNA Congress
  • Dates: October 2–8, 1994
  • Location: San Francisco, USA
  • Joint Meeting: First joint meeting of the ICNA with the Child Neurology Society (CNS)

Key Figures

  • President of the Congress: Dr. David Stumpf (Chicago)
  • Chairman of the ICNA Program Committee: Dr. Darryl De Vivo (New York)
  • Chairman of the CNS Program Committee: Dr. Michael Johnston (Baltimore)

Program Highlights

  • Attendance: 1200 child neurologists and members of other disciplines from around the world
  • ICNA Presidential Symposium: ‘A perspective on childhood epilepsies’ organized by Dr. Aicardi
  • CNS Presidential Symposium: ‘Development of the cerebral cortex – modern neurobiological perspectives’ organized by Dr. Joseph Volpe (Boston)
  • Decade of the Brain Plenary Symposium:
    • Topics: Neurogenetics, ontogeny of receptor systems and brain vulnerability, growth factors in brain development, importance of neuroimaging in understanding brain development, mitochondrial genetics, and human diseases

Key Lectures and Awards

  • Frank Ford Lecturer: Dr. Philip R. Dodge (St. Louis)
    • Topic: Autobiographical reminiscences
  • Hower Award of the CNS: Dr. Hugo Moser
    • Topic: ‘Adrenoleukodystrophy: genetics, pathophysiology, and therapy’
  • John Stobo Prichard Award: Dr. Najoua Miladi (Tunisia)
    • Topic: ‘Epidemiology of child inherited neurological diseases with metabolic basis in Tunisia’
  • CNS Young Investigator Awardee: Dr. Mia M. McCollin (Boston)
    • Topic: ‘Molecular analysis of the neurofibromatosis II tumor suppressor’
  • Bernard Sachs Lecture of the CNS: Dr. David Prince (Palo Alto, CA)
    • Topic: ‘Epilepsy and the immature brain’

Additional Congress Details

  • Symposia: Nine symposia
  • Posters and Platform Presentations: 472 posters and presentations
  • Social Event: Dinner cruise on the San Francisco bay

(1994) 7th Congress of the International Child Association. October 2-8, 1994, San Francisco, California. Abstracts. Pediatr Neurol 11 (2):81-180. PMID: 7945630.