Activation of the ICNA Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the generation of a list of potential candidates for the Executive Board as well as the Officers of the International Child Neurology Association.  It also reviews applications for named awards such as the Sheila Wallace and John Stobo Prichard Awards. No more than two-thirds of the Committee will be members of the Executive Board and there must be at least one representative from each ICNA geographic area. The Chair of the Nominating Committee, who cannot be a candidate for Officer, will oversee the elections at the General Meeting.

The members of the Committee are as follows:


Africa                                                 Idro R, Ibrahim AR, Rodda J

Asia-Oceania                                     Ouvrier R (Chair), Suzuki  Y, Wilkinson I

Europe                                               Baxter P, Curatolo P, Eeg-Olofsson, O

North America                                  Ferriero D, Johnston M, Rust R

South America                                  Arroyo H, Guerriero M, Rosemberg S

Western Asia                                     Anlar B, Singhi P, Shamansurov S.


The Nominating Committee will only need to nominate candidates for election of the President-elect in Brisbane and for the two awards lecturers.  ICNA members are asked to send nominations for the John Stobo Prichard and Sheila Wallace Awards. The closing date for applications has been extended to October 17.

The next major election will occur in 2014.