REGISTRATION FEES admit delegate to all Live Open Sessions, Live SIG Meetings, and On-Demand ePoster and Video-Poster Sessions. Junior Members also admitted to Junior Member Sessions. NDC: Traumatic Brain Injury requires additional course fee. Registration also provides you access to all recorded sessions available On-Demand from November 2020 - March 2021. Click here to Register now.

CategoriesRegistration FeeNDC Course Fee (Additional/Optional)
ICNA High Income $500 $60
ICNA Member Upper Middle Income $300 $35
ICNA Member Lower Middle Income $100 $25
ICNA Member Lower Income $75 $25
ICNA Junior Member $50 $25
CNS Active Member (Dues paid by   7/31) $500 $60
CNS Active Member (late or unpaid dues) $600 $60
CNS Emeritus Member $100 $60
CNS Junior Member $50 $25
Medical Student/Resident $50 $25
Non-CNS Member/Non-ICNA Member $750 $60 $750 $60
Non-CNS Member and Non-ICNA Member -ABPN   Certified * $600 $60
*ABPN   Certified neurologists who are not CNS or ICNA members are eligible to   register at CNS Active. Member   rates thanks to a grant from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology   (ABPN)