Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Doose syndrome

Feature Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Doose Syndrome
Main seizures Tonic; atonic and atypical absences Myoclonic, atonic and myoclonic-atonic
Tonic seizures Common and characteristic, diurnal and nocturnal Probably exclusion criterion (nocturnal tonic seizures are accepted by some authors)
Tonic drop attacks Common Incompatible
Atypical absences Common also occurring independently of other seizures Uncommon, they usually accompany myoclonic or atonic episodes
Developmental abnormalities before onset of seizures Common Exceptional if any
Aetiology Symptomatic or possibly symptomatic (idiopathic cases are accepted by some authorities) Idiopathic1 (although symptomatic or possibly symptomatic cases are included in the ILAE classification of 198912)
Genetic predisposition None Common
Development from West syndrome Common Incompatible
EEG background Abnormal by rule Usually normal particularly at onset
EEG episodic fast activity and rapid spikes Common and often characteristic Exceptional and mainly in sleep
EEG slow generalised spike wave Usually Usually 2–3 Hz
Prognosis Commonly bad Commonly relatively good
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