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 ====== Zonisamide ====== ====== Zonisamide ======
- +Zonisamide is a synthetic 1,2-benzisoxazole derivative (1,2-benzisoxazole-3-methanesulfonamide). It is chemically classified as a sulfonamide with a structural similarity to serotoninIt was first introduced as an AED in Japan in 1989.
-Efficacydose and mean plasma levels were similar in multi-centre studies with Japanese and Caucasian subjects[(:cite:Wroe2009>Wroe SJ. Zonisamide. In: Shorvon SPerucca E, Engel JJr, eds. The treatment of epilepsy (3nd edition). Oxford: Willey-Blackwell, 2009:713-20.)] [(:cite:Chadwick2002>Chadwick DW, Marson AGZonisamide add-on for drug-resistant partial epilepsyCochrane Database Syst Rev 2002;2:CD001416.)]. +
 ===== Authorised indications ===== ===== Authorised indications =====
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 **Reference range:** 15–40 mg/l (45–180 μmol/l). **Reference range:** 15–40 mg/l (45–180 μmol/l).
 +see [[|Zonisamide in the British National Formulary]]
 ==== Main ADRs ==== ==== Main ADRs ====
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 ==== References ==== ==== References ====
-~~refnotes cite~~ +~~REFNOTES~~ 
-Wroe SJ. Zonisamide. In: Shorvon S, Perucca E, Engel JJr, eds. The treatment of epilepsy (3nd edition). Oxford: Willey-Blackwell, 2009:713-20. +~~AUTHORS~~ 
-Willmore LJ, Seino M. International experiences and perspectives: zonisamide. Seizure 2004;13 Suppl 1:S1–72. 620 A Clinical Guide to Epileptic Syndromes and their Treatment +{{tag>pharmacopoeia}}
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