Paediatric Glasgow Coma Scale

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Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale

Activity Score Infant(0-12m0) Score Child(1+yr)
Eye opening 4 Spontaneously 4 Spontaneously
  3 To speech 3 To command
  2 To pain 2 To pain
  1 No response 1 No response
Best verbal response 5 Coos,babbles 5 Oriented
  4 Irritable,cries 4 Confused
  3 Cries to pain 3 Inappropriate words
  2 Moans,grunts 2 Incomprehensible
  1 No response 1 No response
Best motor response 6 Spontaneous 6 Obeys command
  5 Localizes pain 5 Localizes pain
  4 Withdraws from pain 4 Withdraws from pain
  3 Flexion(decorticate 3 Flexion (decorticate)
  2 Extension (decerebrate) 2 Extension (decerebrat)
  1 No response 1 No response

Score 13–15: May indicate mild dysfunction, although a person with no neurologic disabilities would receive a GCS of 15.

Score 9–12: May indicate moderate dysfunction.

Score 3–8: Is indicative of severe dysfunction.

If a child is unable to speak as a result of damage to the speech centres of the brain (dysphasia), then a 'D' should be placed in the appropriate space on the assessment tool (Appleton and Gibbs 1998 Shah 1999 ).

If a child has a tracheostomy or an endotracheal tube in situ, a 'T' should be marked in the appropriate space on the assessment tool (Aucken and Crawford 1999 Fischer and Matthieson 2001 ).



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