Journal Club

The FLICNA Journal Club is held online on the third Saturday of every month at 9AM Eastern Time (ET) | 2PM London | 6:30PM IST. The Journal Club is open to everyone including academics, practitioners, residents, fellows and medical students. New proposals may be submitted using the online form available here. Important instructions regarding the format and other helpful advice is available here. A certificate of attendance will be issued to those who have successfully attended the session.. You can register for all sessions using this link.

Coordinators: Biju Hameed [ICNTN] ; Esra Serdaroğlu [FLICNA] ; Ebru Petek Arhan [FLICNA]

Journal Club Roster

FLICNA Journal Club Schedule (9:00 AM EST)
20-May-23Dr Eka, Mediclubgeorgia Medical Center
Tbilisi, Georgia; Dr Shermila Pia MD,University of Rochester Medical Centre, Rochester, New York, USA;Dr Gia Melikishvili MD, Mediclubgeorgia Medical Center,Tbilisi, Georgia
Dr Gia Melikishvili MD
Mediclubgeorgia Medical Center, Tbilisi, Georgia
GeorgiaSodium Channelopathies in Epilepsy
15 April 2023Dr Maria (Brazil); Dr Paula (Argentina)Dr Suman Das (India)BrazilBridging epilepsy and Neurooncology
18 March 2023Drs Zaveria Areeba (Pakistan)Dr Priyanka Madaan, IndiaPakistanChildhood intracranial arteriopathies: Presentation and challenges
20 February 2023Drs Daisuke; Dr Ogasawara (Japan)Dr Secil Doga Tunc, TurkeyJapanThe association between ASD and genetic problems
31 January 2023Dr Anaita Udwadia Hegde; Dr Anshita Arora; Dr Ami ShahDr Sonali SinghIndiaApproach to a child with developmental delay and a normal neuroimaging
16 July 2022Dr Renee Proost, Prof Katrien Jansen, Department of Pediatric Neurology, University Hospital Leuven, Leuven, BelgiumBelgiumCognitive and psychological features of children with epilepsy
16 April 2022Shermila Pia (USA)Robert Stone, MD ; Shehanaz Ellika, MD; David N. Korones, M.D.USAClinical Case Club
19 March 2022Hiroya Nishida (Japan)Kyoko Hoshino (Japan)JapanTrajectories of insomnia in childhood; sleep and neurocognitive development
19 February 2022Pembe Gültutan (Turkey); Sayoni Datta Ray Chowdhury (India)Deniz Yilmaz (Turkey); Ming Lim (UK); Sheffali Gulati (India); Atin Kumar (India)India / TurkeyAcute Flaccid Myelitis (Clinical Case Club)
16 January 2022Anchu Cheriyan (India)Mini Sreedharan (India), Ramsekhar Menon (India), Karen Skjei (US), Mike Perry (US)IndiaEpilepsy surgery evaluation in Children under 3yrs old
04 December 2021Claudio DeGusmao (Brazil)Esra Serdaroglu (Turkey)Turkeywhole-genome
sequencing in paediatric neurological disorders
20 November 2021Matthew Lynch (Brisbane)Shekeeb Mohammad, Sniya SudhakarAustraliaMRI of neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation
21 August 2021Çağatay Günay, Didem SoydemirKivilcim Gücüyener, Uluç YişTurkeyDisease Modifying Therapies in Paediatric Onset MS
19 June 2021Bina ThakorKavita Srivastava, Jitendra SahuIndiaACTH vs Prednisolone in West Syndrome
17 June 2021Andrew FesterBiju HameedUKTherapeutic Hypothermia in Paediatric Cardiac Arrest
15 May 2021Antonella RivaPasquale Striano, Marios KaliakatsosItalyIntronic repeat expansions in epilepsies
17 April 2021Recep Kamil Kılıç & Deniz Menderes Biju HameedTurkeyDeep brain stimulation reduces pain in children with dystonia