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ICNC 2014 2-HydroxyGlutaric Aciduria in Saudi Arabia Abstract
Majed J. Dasouki, Lujane Yousef, Minnie Jacob, Asmahan Ahmad, Ekhlass Quraan, Basma AlRasheed, Ali Odaib, Mohamed Alamoodi
ICNC 2014 : Efficacy and safety of oral Triclofos as sedative for children undergoing sleep EEG – An observational study Abstract
Puneet Jain, Suvasini Sharma, Ankita Sharma, Shaiphali Goel, Anjali Jose
ICNC 2014 A case of GLUT1 deficiency syndrome with developmental delay and absence of seizures and movement disorder Abstract
André Luiz Santos Pessoa, Danielle Pessoa Lima, Alexandre Bastos Lima, Fernando Kok
ICNC 2014 A case of infective endocarditis presented with bacterial meningitis Abstract
seong joon Kim, Joong Hyun Bin, Ji Yoon Han, Tae-Hun Eom
ICNC 2014 A case of Korean infant with clinically diagnosed Cerebro-Oculo-Facio-Skeletal Syndrome Abstract
Jun Hwa Lee
ICNC 2014 A case of Leigh syndrome caused by 3-methylglutaconic aciduria Abstract
Yoko Nishimura, Yoshihiro Maegaki, Aya Narita
ICNC 2014 A Case of Van der Knaap disease presenting seizure as the first symptom Abstract
Youngchang Kim
Meltem Uzun, meltem uzun, öykü şerife öztürk, murat serhat aygün
ICNC 2014 A child with anti-GQ1b syndrome presenting with complete ophthalmoplegia and unilateral facial palsy. Abstract
Puneet Jain, Suvasini Sharma, Satinder Aneja, Hina Kausar
ICNC 2014 A Comparison Study on Simple and Complex Febrile Seizures in Korea Abstract
Dong Wook Kim, Na-Yung Ryu
ICNC 2014 A Gilles de la Tourette (TS) case fully recovered by Topiramat Abstract
Nezir Özgün
ICNC 2014 A Neonatal Seizure Blinded Treatment Trial Abstract
Richard Haas, Cynthia Sharpe, Maynard Rasmussen, Mary Harbert, David Michelson, Rachel Kuperman, Gail Reiner
ICNC 2014 A novel method of experimental traumatic brain injury in rodents: validation study Abstract
Biju Hameed
ICNC 2014 A Novel Variant in GABRB2 Associated with Intellectual Disability and Epilepsy Abstract
Siddharth Srivastava, Julie Cohen, Jonathan Pevsner, Michael V. Johnston, Ali Fatemi
ICNC 2014 A pediatric cohort of recurrent central nervous system demyelination; experience of a tertiary centre from north India Abstract
Sheffali Gulati, Biswaroop Chakrabarty, Atin Kumar, Rachana Dubey, Jayashankar Kaushik, Akbar Mohamed CH, Ankush Singh, Puneet Jain
ICNC 2014 A possible relation of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene polymorphisms 677T/1298C to migraine in boys and girls. Abstract
Anna-Liisa Lorenz, Eno-Martin Lotman, Tiina Kahre, Anneli Kolk
ICNC 2014 A Prospective analytical study on clinical and neuroradiological profile of term and preterm children with spastic diplegia. Abstract
Prashant Jauhari
ICNC 2014 A retrospective analysis of etiological factors associated with neonatal seizure, type of anti-epileptic medications used and the duration of treatment. Abstract
Cynthia F Pudukadan
ICNC 2014 A retrospective analysis of patients with febrile convulsion(FC) followed by subsequent epilepsy on Jeju Island, South Korea Abstract
Seunghyo Kim . Kim
ICNC 2014 A study on unique association of polymicrogyria, sleep-related electrical status-epilepticus and intractable drop-attacks Abstract
Jitendra Kumar Sahu, naveen sankhyan, Arushi Gahlot Saini, N Khandelwal, Pratibha Singhi
ICNC 2014 A Vascular Anomaly Presenting with Toe Walking Abstract
Mohamed Osman Eltahir Babiker, Tong Hong Yeo
ICNC 2014 Abnormal Pupillary Light Reflex with Chromatic Pupillometry in Gaucher disease; relation to phenotype and therapeutic response with chaperone therapy Abstract
aya narita
ICNC 2014 Absence status epilepticus in children as their first presentation of absence epilepsy: a report of 4 cases. Abstract
Helene Dubreuil
Carolina Hortencia Vilte, CAROLINA HORTENCIA VILTE
ICNC 2014 Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy of Childhood in a Non-Asian 4-Year-Old Child after Varicella Immunization Abstract
Leyda Gisselle Sanchez-Ortiz, Jocelyn Montalvo-Ortiz, Mireya Bolo-Diaz, Marisel Vazquez-Correa, Maria Davila-Carlos
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