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Presidential Elections 2016 FAQ

Presidential Elections 2016 FAQ

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The following FAQ relates to the practical issues related to online voting only. For general queries about the election process, nomination process, candidates' statements, the role of the elected body, etc. please contact the Chair of the Nominating Committee Dr Sakkubai Naidu (naidu-at-kennedykrieger.org).

Is the online site compatible with all browsers?

Yes. The site is compatible with all modern browsers including mobile devices

Is the voting completely anonymous? What other user data is being transmitted?

The ICNA Presidential elections is completely anonymous. However user data regarding time of voting, geographical location and user device may be collected and used for improving future elections and other online projects

What if I don't want to vote online?

Unfortunately, the ICNA presidential elections 2016 is currently held exclusively online. However if there are practical difficulties on your side in accessing the form online please contact us at onlinevoting@icnapedia.org and we will endeavour to assist you.

I deleted the email which contained the security codes. can I have them resend?

Yes of course. Please email admin@icnapedia.org , newsletters@icnapedia.org or onlinevoting@icnapedia.org with your request. Security codes can only be send to the email we have for you on record.  Alternatively codes could be delivered over secure fax or SMS

I accidentally voted for the wrong choice. Can I correct the error?

Unfortunately, once you have clicked "Register Your Vote", you cannot return to the voting process.

I think I am an ICNA member. But I didn't get any email asking me to vote?

Please email admin@icnapedia.org and we will look into this ASAP. Members who joined ICNA after January 31, 2016 are not eligible for participating in this election.

I had joined ICNA as a junior member. I am no longer a trainee and want to change to a Full Member. How do I go about it?

Please email admin@icnapedia.org with your request. We may request supporting documents to process your request. All existing junior members have been asked regarding their eligibility for full membership

I have a question which is not answered by any of the above questions. What shall I do?

Please email admin@icnapedia.org or alternatively use the help menu on this page (right most on the horizontal menu bar)

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