Brain Injury During Transition in the Newborn With Congenital Heart Disease: Hazards of the Preoperative Period

Publication date: December 2018

Source: Seminars in Pediatric Neurology, Volume 28

Author(s): Jennifer M. Lynch, J. William Gaynor, Daniel J. Licht

Infants born with critical congenital heart disease are at risk for neurodevelopmental morbidities later in life. In-utero differences in fetal circulation lead to vulnerabilities which lead to an increased incidence of stroke, white matter injury, and brain immaturity. Recent work has shown these infants may be most vulnerable to brain injury during the early neonatal period when they are awaiting their cardiac surgeries. Novel imaging and monitoring modalities are being employed to investigate this crucial time period and elucidate the precise timing and cause of brain injury in this population.

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