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The following IRCN books will be made available to ICNA active members who have paid their membership dues for the respective years.
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ICNA : Foundation and Purpose

The International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) was founded on 12 September 1973, during the Xth International Congress of Neurology in Barcelona, Spain.

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Child neurology in resource-poor countries the role of the ICNA

The International Child Neurology Association was founded in 1973 to improve the care of children with neurological disorders worldwide, promote training in child neurology, and support research and international cooperation.

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ICNA Council of Delegates

In an effort to increase the communication between local child neurology societies and the International Child Neurology Association (ICNA), the ICNA Executive Board has approved a newly formed Council of Delegates (COD). Our long term plan is to have each national or regional child neurology society send a delegate to the Council of Delegates (COD).

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ICNA's Education Plan

Progress in paediatric neurosciences is proceeding rapidly, and we are entering an era in which technologies will allow for a greater knowledge and understanding of normal and abnormal brain development. Because of our improved diagnostic abilities, it is now possible to identify even subtle brain abnormalities early on, thus allowing for early intervention. However, in certain areas of the world, many children do not benefit from this progress because of the shortage of child neurologists and adequately equipped medical centers.

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