PET1 Course in Luanda/Angola

Pediatric Epilepsy Training (PET) Brasil delivered a Portuguese PET1 course in Luanda (Angola) on Sept 14th 2019. 6 Brazilian staff with expertise in epilepsy were present and the course was delivered free of charge to 34 attendees split into 5 subgroups of 8 attendees each along with one course director.

Among all subscribers, 3 pediatricians from Maputo/Mozambique were registered. ILAE/ICNA provided funding of $5000 which helped bring two of them from Maputo to Luanda.

The staff carried 40 Course Handbooks, folders, badges, pre-course and post-course quiz, evaluation forms and certificates.

Dr Manuel Leite Cruzeiro was an excellent host and provided facilities such as venue with projectors, catering (welcome coffee, two coffee-breaks and lunch) and transportation for the staff. 

Epilepsy affects 50-60 million people around the world and one of the most important peaks of incidence is during childhood. This incidence is higher in middle and low-income countries, such Brazil (estimated incidence of 1.5-2%). Most children with epilepsy are assisted by pediatricians or general physicians with limited training in the management of childhood epilepsy. Therefore, the level of care is insufficient in several countries. The PET program attempted to overcome this failure.



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