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ICNA Executive Board Elections 2018

Voting for the ICNA Secretary and Treasurer positions and to the Executive Board was held from 03 April 2018 to 03 May 2018 2400 GMT. All eligible ICNA members were provided with a security code following validation of which, they were able to cast their votes on an online ballot. All active members of the ICNA were eligible to vote in this election. Associate and Junior(trainee) members were not eligible to vote according to the ICNA constitution and bye laws.

Members were requested to cast their votes for the following positions in the International Child Neurology Association:
Secretary (Select one candidate)
Treasurer (Select one candidate)
Executive Board (Select at least two members from each region, up to 21 total across all regions).

Professor Jo Wilmshurst, elected President-Elect in 2016, will start her term as President of our society at the 2018 ICNC meeting in Mumbai (see ). Professor Ingrid Tein, the current President, will then continue as Past-President on the Executive Board. Dr Kenneth J Mack was the Chair of the Nominating Committee.


Dr Elaine C Wirrell, United States
Prof Pratibha Dutta Singhi, India
Dr Hans Hartmann, Germany
Dr Lieven Lagae, Belgium
Dr Michael Shevell, Canada
Dr Richard Iwa Idro, Uganda
Dr Edward Nkingwa Kija, Tanzania
Prof Ahmed Raouf Ibrahim, Egypt
Dr Pauline W. Samia, Kenya
Prof Chahnez Charfi Triki, Tunisia
East Asia - Oceania
Dr Russell Dale, Australia
Dr Yu-Wu Jiang, China
Dr Mitsuhiro Kato, Japan
Dr Lakshmi Nagarajan, Australia
Dr Takao Takahashi, Japan
West Asia
Dr Anaita Hegde, India
Prof Pratibha Dutta Singhi, India
Dr Viraj V Sanghi, India
Prof Haluk Topaloğlu, Turkey
Dr Thaís Armangue, Spain
Dr Jaime Campistol, Spain
Prof Judith Helen Cross, United Kingdom
Dr Linda De Meirleir, Belgium
Dr Bernard Dan, Belgium
Dr Antigone S Papavasiliou, Greece
Dr Michèl Willemsen, The Netherlands
North America
Dr David Bearden, United States
Dr Adam Kirton, Canada
Dr Michael V Johnston, United States
Dr Kenneth Mack, United States
Dr Elaine C Wirrell, United States
Dr Jonathan Mink, United States
Dr Sakkubai Naidu, United States
Dr Karen L Skjei, United States
Dr Jorge A Vidaurre, United States
Dr Ganeshwaran Mochida, United States
Dr Mahendranath Moharir, Canada
Central-South America
Dr Jaime Carrizosa Moog, Columbia
Dr Ana Carolina Coan, Brazil
Dr Sergio Rosemberg, Brazil
Dr Silvia Tenembaum, Argentina
Dr Kette D Valente, Brazil
Dr Vanessa van der Linden, Brazil


Only active members of ICNA were eligible to vote in this election. Trainee and Associate members were not eligible
Every ballot was confidential
Members were requested to select one candidate each for Secretary and Officer positions or choose to abstain
Members were requested to select AT LEAST two candidates from each of the six regions for the Executive Board. 
Members were able to select more than two but the total number across all regions should not have exceeded Twenty One. In the event of the total number of candidates exceeding 21, the ballot was considered spoilt and void.

Polls closed at 2400 GMT on 3 May 2018.

ICNC2018 Organising Committee
Natalio Fejerman [1933-2018]