ICNA/SBNI Symposium on Zika Virus Brazil October 14 2016

On October 14th, ICNA organized the Zika Symposium during the 11th Brazilian Congress of Child Neurology and 2nd Meeting of the Cono Sur Societies. Three specialists in the field presented updated information about Zika Virus: Dr. Marilisa Guerreiro and Dr. Vanessa Van der Linden, from Brazil and Dr. Silvia Tenembaum, from Argentina. Dr. Guerreiro presented the history and the current distribution of the infection around the world. Dr. Van der Linden shared with the audience her extensive experience on Zika Virus congenital infection. Dr. Tenembaum presented the latest knowledge about the association of Zika Virus infection and Guillain-Barré syndrome. The Symposium was presented to over 500 Child Neurologists, from different regions of Brazil and from other countries of Latin America, such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru.


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