Inviting Bids for ICNC2020

The International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) invites "letter of intent" from interested parties to enter the bidding to host the International Child Neurology Congress in 2020.Bidders are invited to send a “letter of intent” (not more than a short paragraph from the main coordinator or organizing scientific society (not the conference organising team) to the secretary of the ICNA ( [email protected]  ). The ICNA Executive Board will select bidders who would be invited to submit a full proposal. This would be guided by the previous geographical representation, and capacity of the meeting to  reach the maximum number of physicians and allied professionals interested...
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The Mitochondrial European Educational Training (MEET) Network presents: From bench to bedside, and back: Patients MEET Researchers MEET Symposium 2016, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Free registration! Deadlines: December, 22, 2015. Here the official agenda and the registration link. FELLOWSHIPS: Please read all of the information carefully before you apply! The MEET Consortium offers 15 fellowships (covering travel, accommodation and subsistence costs) to attend the Symposium. Fellowships are addressed ONLY to patients or Representative of Patients’ organizations. Applicants for fellowships must submit their request together with a reference letter from Patients’ organization with whom applicants are collaborating or with a motivation letter...
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ICNA Future Leaders

The International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) is establishing a trainee hub - "ICNA Future Leaders", as a focal point for child neurology doctors who are in training or newly qualified. The ICNA would like to provide focused support for the unique needs of this group. We invite you to send us topics would you like to discuss further and areas which you would identify as of strategic need. The first formal "ICNA Future Leaders" get together will be at the 2016 ICNC in Amsterdam but the group will be encouraged to communicate via social media and the residents' forum on...
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RTT50.1 50th anniversary of the first publication on Rett Syndrome

Andreas Rett [1924-1997]

The 50 th anniversary of the first publication on Rett Syndrome by Andreas Rett is being celebrated  with an international conference RTT 50.1, from 15th to 17th September 2016  in the historic city of Vienna, home to Andreas Rett and 'birthplace' of Rett syndrome. RTT 50.1 is open to patients, clinicians, scientists, researchers and other healthcare professionals. Keynote lectures, oral presentations and posters aim at outlining History, (R)Evolution in Rett Syndrome, State of th...
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Is autism a treatable disorder

Dear friends,  It is my pleasure to invite you to attend an International Symposium on "Is autism a treatable disorder"?. This satellite meeting for the ICNC 2016 will be held in Rome on April 29th 2016.  The aim of this Symposium is to allow basic neuroscientists working on autism research and clinicians to meet together and discuss new advances in biologically based treatments of autism spectrum disorders. The Symposium will review recent progresses on molecular understanding of path...
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