Jan-Mar 2013 issue of Epilepsy News Africa

The ILAE Commission on African Affairs have published the Jan-Mar 2013 issue of Epilepsy News Africa. Comments, News of epilepsy and related topics are welcome. For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or their website @ www.Africaepilepsy.org . click here to download the newsletter in PDF

2013 Child Neurology Society Bernard D'Souza International Fellowship Award

2013 Child Neurology Society Bernard D'Souza International Fellowship Award To apply: https://cns.nonprofitcms.org/awards/Solicitations/8/Submissions/Create The Child Neurology Society is now accepting applications for the 2013 Bernard D'Souza International Fellowship Award, which will sponsor a child neurologist from a developing country's attendance at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the CNS to be held in Austin, TX (Oct 30 - Nov 2, 2013). This will be preceded or followed by a visit to a selected training program in North America. The purpose of the award is to promote child neurology in developing countries. Expenses covered: 1) Meeting registration fee waiver 2) round-trip coach fare originating...
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Partnerships between North American Epilepsy Centers and Africa

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This is an invitation to submit an application to this program from the North American Commission of the ILAE. The program seeks to promote and improve the care of persons in Africa living with epilepsy, through education, advocacy and research. It aims specifically to support and expand exchange programs between members of the North American Commission and African chapters of the ILAE, in order to significantly impact epilepsy care in that region. Based on our experience with the Latin American and Caribbean partnerships, the ILAE is confident that NAC members can significantly contribute to this mission. The application should address program...
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MSc Course in Epilepsy (Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London)

Admissions are now open for the MSc Course in Epilepsy at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. This is a multidisciplinary programme covering topics related to all aspects of human epilepsy, from underlying neurobiological mechanisms to clinical aspects and psycho-social consequences. The course includes core modules and a research project in addition to practical clinical experience. This year a textbook is also introduced that follows the course syllabus which will be an invaluable aid to the students, in addition to constituting excellent didactic stand-alone learning material. The textbook is called “Introduction to Epilepsy , and is published by Cambridge University Press. KEY...
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Paediatric Neurology Masterclass Bristol 2013

The Annual Bristol Paediatric Neurology Masterclass will be held on 18 & 19 April 2013 Topics include: Syncope and anoxic seizures Epilepsy in adolescence Chanellopathies Neurocutaneous disorders Peripheral neuropathies Traumatic Brain Injury Congenital infections of CNS Management of “difficult” epilepsies Movement disorders Cerebellar disorders Neurogenetics Stroke Autoimmune disorders of the CNS Neurotransmitter disorders Faculty includes: John Livingston (Leeds) Sameer Zuberi (Glasgow) Andrew Lux (Bristol) Dana Craiu (Bucharest) Rima Nabbout (Paris) Richard Appleton (Liverpool) Sergiusz Józwiak (Warsaw) Alexander Paciorkowski (Rochester NY) Anirban Majumdar (Bristol) Alasdair Parker (Cambridge) Eugen Boltshauser (Zurich) Rob Forsyth (Newcastle) Manju Kurian (London) Angela Vincent (Oxford) Finbar O’Callaghan (Bristol)...
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