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karenskjeiKaren L. Skjei, M.D.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Neurology Co-Director,
Epilepsy Surgery Program Director,
Epilepsy Monitoring Unit,
Norton Children's Hospital

Dr. Karen Skjei is an assistant professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at the University of Louisville. She completed her undergraduate studies at Duke University, and her medical education at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine. She completed a residency in Pediatrics and a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York. She completed a fellowship in Neurophysiology and Epilepsy at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr Skjei is currently Editor of the ICNApedia Journal Watch

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Real-world effectiveness of initial disease-modifying therapies in pediatric MS

Krysko KM, Graves JS, Rensel M, Weinstock-Guttman B, Rutatangwa A, Aaen G, Belman A, Benson L, Chitnis T, Gorman M, Goyal MS, Harris Y, Krupp L, Lotze T, Mar S, Moodley M, Ness J, Rodriguez M, Rose J, Schreiner T, Tillema JM, Waltz M, Casper TC, Waubant E. US Network of Pediatric MS Centers. Real-world effectiveness of initial disease-modifying therapies in pediatric MS. Ann Neurol 2020 Apr 8.  doi: 10.1002/ana.25737

Role of ketamine in refractory neonatal seizures: An underexplored option for resource limited settings.

Huntsman RJ, Strueby L, Bingham W. Are Ketamine Infusions a Viable Therapeutic Option for Refractory Neonatal Seizures?
92 results - showing 1 - 10
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