Platform presenters are kindly requested to check the detailed program online for the schedule. Please note that the schedule may be subject to changes. All platform oral presentations must be presented in person. The time limits should be strictly followed with 15 minutes for each presentation (11 minutes presentation immediately followed by 4 minutes Q&A).

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Each Speaker will have to bring their slides to the Speakers Ready Room, at least 3 hours before the start of their session.

The Speaker Ready Room opening times are:
Monday 3 October: 9.00-18.00h
Tuesday 4 October: 6.30-19.00h
Wednesday 5 & Thursday 6 October 6.30-21.00h
Friday 7 October: 6.30-17.30h.

Presentation slides must be in 16/9 format. If the presentation includes a video, the Speaker must check if the video works properly with the technicians in the Speaker Ready Room. In addition, the Speaker has to bring the video files separately from the presentation in an MP4 format.

If a speaker wants to present from their own computer, the Speaker will have to discuss this option with the AV technicians in the Speaker Ready Room at least 3 hours before the start of his/her session. Otherwise, if the presentation does not work correctly, the Technical Team might not be able to assist during his/her presentation.

All platform presenters are requested to come on the stage when invited by the session chair. The session will start with a short introduction delivered by the session Chair who will also give the floor to each of the speakers, following their order as indicated in the program.

Each speaker will deliver their presentation. Kindly note that the designated presentation time is 15 minutes which includes 4 minutes of Q&A time. The Chair will also monitor the timing and has the right to interrupt the presentation if the speaker has extended their allocated time.

Once all the speakers have delivered their presentations, a panel discussion with questions from the audience will follow. The session chair will moderate the discussion and will close the session at the indicated program time.