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ICNA Educational Meeting 2016 held in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

ICNA Educational Meeting 2016 held in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Under the auspices of International Child Neurology Association (ICNA), the Institute of Paediatric Neurodisorder and Autism (IPNA) in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) has successfully organized two-day long “ICNA Educational Meeting”. The meeting was held on 5-6 November 2016 which took place at Hotel Ocean Paradise in the city of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The theme of the event was “Towards Better Service in Child Neurology and Development”. organized by Prof. Pratibha Singhi in association with Prof Shaheen Akhter, project directorof the Institute of Paediatric Neurodisorders and Autism (IPNA) under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), and her team.

The meeting was a big event with the Health and Family Welfare Minister of Bangla Desh Mr. Mohammad Nasim as the Chief Guest at the inauguration . Shaimum Sarwar Kamal, lawmaker of Cox’s Bazar-3 constituency, Md Sirajul lslam, secretary of health and family welfare ministry, and Mohammod Shahidullah, president of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council; were also present. Prof Dr Kamrul Hasan Khan, vice-chancellor of BSMMU, expressed his commitment to provide best services to the children with autism and other neurological disorders.


The event hosted internationally reputed scholars in the field of child neurology and development and focused on the exchange of knowledge, updated scientific presentations and discussions on best practice in Autism, Epilepsy, Movement Disorder, Development in Children, CNS Infections, Cerebral Palsy, Neurometabolism & Neurodegeneration. The program was supported by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh Paediatric Association (BPA) and Bangladesh Society for Child Neurology, Development and Disability (BSCNDD).

The inauguration of two-day long international ‘ICNA Educational Meeting’ held at 6.00pm 4 November, 2016 at the same venue followed by stunning cultural event and a gala dinner. Mr. Mohammad Nasim, MP, the honourable minister, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was present and spoke on the occasion as chief guest while Mr. Shaimum Sarwar Komol, MP, Cox’s Bazar-3 constituency in Jatio Sangsad, Mr. Md. Sirajul Islam, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Mr. Mohammod Shahidullah, President, Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, Prof. Dr. Pratibha Singhi, Member of the Executive Board, ICNA were present and spoke as special guests.

The inauguration was presided over by Prof. Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan, Vice-Chancellor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. Prof. Dr. Shaheen Akhter, Project Director, IPNA delivered the opening speech. 11 speakers from USA, Australia, Belgium, India, Turkey and Bangladesh delivered their presentations and more than 200 participants including child neurologists, general paediatricians, child psychologists, therapists were participating in the Educational Meeting.

It is worth mentioning that this jointly organized event is being held in Bangladesh for the first time. Earlier in the first day of two-day long ICNA Meeting, Prof. Dr. Shaheen Akhter presented about IPNA, the first nationwide govt. initiative on paediatric neurodevelopment and autism related management, training and research institution in Bangladesh. Mentioning the statistical data of the patients in various neurological disorders including autism attended by the outpatient department and various achievements of IPNA, Prof. Shaheen said that IPNA wants to dispel the myths and superstitions regarding children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders and create a more human society for all children.

cox2016-3Prof. Dr. Pratibha Singhi, Member of the Executive Board, ICNA took the long session on Developmental Screening and Assessment, Early Diagnosis of ASD, and Etiopathogenesis of Cerebral Palsy – recent concepts. In her presentation on Developmental Screening and Assessment, she said that development is a continuous process of acquiring skills in various inter-related developmental domains and is influenced by combination of genetic, biological and psycho-social factors. Mentioning various tests on this subject she commented that early intervention improves the developmental outcomes, reduces cost of healthcare and improves the quality of life of those children as well as the parents.

After Prof Pratibha Singhi’s presentation, Prof A.H.M. Mahbubul Huq delivered the lectures on ‘Developmental Regression and Recent Advancement in ASD Research’ followed by Prof Dr Linda DeMeileir’s presentation on ‘Metabolic Mimickers of Cerebral Palsy’. In the same day, Dr. Shekeeb S Mohammad talked on ‘Movement Disorder’ after lunch and prayer break. Prof Dr Hasan Tekgul spoke on ‘Neonatal Seizures’ and Prof Dr Lieven Lagae on ‘Early Infantile Epileptic Syndrome’.

Earlier in the 2nd day of the Meeting, Dr Iffat Ara Shamsad presented the topic on ‘Bangladesh Initiative in Child Development’ in favour of Prof Naila Zaman Khan. Then the rest of the sessions of the day were led by Dr. Samata Singhi with ‘Pearls and Pitfalls of EEG’, Prof Lieven Lagae with ‘Management of Drug Resistance Epilepsy’, Prof Sunit Singhi with ‘Status Epilepticus and ICU Care of the Comatose Children’, Prof Linda DeMeilier with ‘Approach to Neurometabolic Disorders’ and lastly by Prof Dr MD Mizanur Rahman with ‘Management of Congenital CMV Infection’.

cox2016-1Prof M.A.K. Azad Chowdhury praised and thanked Prof Shaheen Akhter and her team in his closing remarks to organize such a very vigilant, lively and successful event for the first time in Bangladesh. He assured the audience to publish all the session’s lectures and presentations in BPA’s Journal with special issue.

The ICNA Executive Board Member and Regional Coordinator of ICNA, Prof Dr Pratibha Singhi also thanked for organizing such wonderful and successful event in a very beautiful place in the world. She hoped that the talks and interactions of this Educational Meeting will be extremely useful in furthering the cause of Paediatric Neurology in Bangladesh. She also encouraged all to join the ICNA.

source: Pratibha Singhi with additional reporting from http://www.ipnabsmmu.edu.bd/

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