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I have a 31 day baby born of normal delivery, no perinatal complications , 2.7 KG,normal head circumfrence. Baby was normal till day 21 , from day 22 mother noticed that child is not at all moving limbs , which she was doing prior .Progression not sure but probably progressed for 2 or 3 days .

Mentation normal, feeding normal . no obvious facial weakness, grade 0 power of UL and LL proximaly , grade 2-3 distaly , total areflexia, tone flaccid .

CPK,MRI normal
NCS (reliable, child coperated ) no elicitable motor or sensory response. EMG because of movements artefacts no conclusions could be derived .

No respiratory . no polyminimyoclonus

What are the possibilities
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    Saturday, July 02 2016, 09:08 PM - #Permalink
    A/c flaccid paralysis in a neonate?
    Viral serology? MRI spine? CSF?
    What about central tone?

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